1:10 AM (ET) on January 29, 2021

Art & Symbolism of Masks (Carnaval and Pandemy)

With Shanequay Gay and Robert Barsky

Time: 1:10 AM (ET) on January 29, 2021- Location: Atlanta, USA

In an interview with Robert Barsky, artist Shanequa Gay provides a profound and wide-ranging overview of her body of work, which spans an array of different media including paintings, drawings, murals, textiles, and performance pieces. Shanequa Gay’s art is deeply embedded in rituals, rites, and meanings from nature and early life on the planet earth, and connects to contemporary issues of civil and human rights, liberation, and the harnessing of traditional knowledge. Focused in particular upon the African American women, Gay quests broadly, and reveals through her words a resounding engagement and an intense creative spirit that fearlessly confronts the most challenging issues of our day.

In English.

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