Night of Ideas




Join the Night of Ideas DREAM SPACE to share your dreams and listen to the dreams of others committed to transforming society and continuing MLK’s legacy.

In echo with Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Night of Ideas 2023 invites several organizations and the audience to share their dreams and spark conversations in a DREAM SPACE situated on the 2nd floor of the Center, in the Shared Accomplishments Gallery.

From 8-10:30pm, the dreams of representatives of these organizations will alternate with those of participants from the public, in short speeches, from 5 to 10 minutes.


Dantes Rameau (Atlanta Music Project)

Elizabeth Elango Bitliff (Global Village Project)

j. olu baiyewu (Aglanta)

Hanna S. Palmer (Atlanta Creek League)

David Hopings (Soccer in the streets)



Soul Food Cypher

During the Night of Ideas, Soul Food Cypher (SFC), an Atlanta based Non-Profit organization, will bring together Atlanta’s best Freestyle Rappers for mind-blowing lyrical demonstrations and an unforgettable evening. They will celebrate King’s legacy through Freestyle Rap and show that the Soul nor the Imagination has any limit.

This performance includes WrapUp, where Rappers summarize panels with freestyle rap and WordPlay, where SFC emcees improvise based on words that flash on the screen. Also included is NiceBars, where SFC reverses the concept of a rap battle as emcees roam the crowd and give compliments to audience members to ensure everyone in the building leaves with a smile on their face. Then Soul Food Cypher will close the Night with a vibrant DJ Set.

Unbeknownst to many, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech was largely improvised. Despite many revisions of his original speech “Normalcy Never Again”, King went off script in the midst of the speech at the request of Gospel Legend Mahalia Jackson. Sensing that his speech to that point wasn’t reaching the crowd like it could, Jackson cried out “Tell them about the Dream, Martin!” King reached deep into his soul and well, the rest is history….

This speech helped transform the country and is one of the most powerful examples of the power of speech to move. 60 years later, King’s hometown Atlanta, has since become the southern capital of Hip-Hop. A new generation of orators and emcees (MCs) have sprung up from the city, sharing their experiences & dreams, reaching millions across the globe. To phrase the legendary emcee Rakim, “MC to me means move the crowd.”


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