Night of Ideas

Town Hall Seattle

Saturday, March 2, 2024| 5:00pm-9:00pm

Outside the Lines

Disruptive Innovation: A.I., Language, Arts, and Education

Seattle Spheres (c)Alexandra-Tran




As part of Night of Ideas 2024, the Alliance Française de Seattle is pleased to host “Disruptive Innovation: A.I., Language, Arts, and Education,” celebrating art, storytelling, and language inclusivity, as well as the new possibilities and challenges arising from the integration of artificial intelligence in these domains.


Visionaries, artists, thought leaders, and experts will interact with the public to unravel the complexities of human expression, highlighting the transformative impact of multimedia, transdisciplinarity, and cutting-edge technologies on our intellectual landscape.


With a constructive focus, this event serves as a catalyst for fostering collaboration, inspiring new ideas, and envisioning a future where A.I. seamlessly integrates with language, arts, and education, unlocking unprecedented possibilities, while at the same time reinforcing the crucial role of human agency in articulating clear principles for ethical user conduct and inclusivity at the global level.


Join us on this transformative journey where disruptive innovation converges with human creativity!

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