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Night of Ideas 2022

Where are we going?


For the third edition of Night of Ideas in Chicago, Villa Albertine partnered with the Chicago History Museum and welcomed inspiring voices from Chicago, France, the US, and beyond for a five-hour marathon of ideas on the 2022 theme: “Where are we going ?”. The public visited the Museum after hours as its spaces came to to life with talks, performances, interactive happenings, children’s workshops, exhibition tours, yoga, and more. Night of Ideas 2023 in Chicago was produced by Villa Albertine Chicago in connection with Night of Ideas, a project of the Institut Français, Paris, and supported nationwide by the Judy and Peter Blum Kovler Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the France Chicago Center at the University of Chicago, the Alliance française de Chicago, Sofitel Hotel, Savencia, and Vanille in Chicago.


Donald Massere, Erin Harkey, Anne Thénin, Maxime Chudeau, Teresa Cordova, Maurice Cox, Ingrid Nappi, Juliane Wolf, Poems While You Wait, Joséphine Lechartre, Emmanuelle Lallemand, Manijeh Razeghi, Laura Brueck, Ivry Wilson, Isabelle David,  Marv Hoffman, Annelise Riles, Noah W. Sobe, Anne Marks, Tonika Lewis Johnson, Hugo Toudic, Philippe Stanfield-Pinel, Aymeric Rousseau, David Carlson, Charlie Rizzo, DanceWorks Chicago, Marie Dougnac, Donald Lassere, Connie Spreen, Kristin MacWarther, Katinka Kleijn, Alenka Jerak, Chayma Drira, Davey Friday, Ron Henderson, Marynia Kolak, Mathilde Geannopulos, Juan Moreno, Jamie Kalven, Lucas Roxo, Emmanuel Vaillant, Shermann “Dilla” Thomas, Ingrid Nappi, Beth Gibbons, Baudouin Saintyves, Chicago Dance Crash featuring KC Bevis, Diamond Burdine, Logan Howell and Monternez Rezell, DJ Duane Powell, William Estrada

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