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Night of Ideas 2023

Toward a More Sustainable Future



Los Angeles’ Night of Ideas 2023, took place at the University of Southern California (USC)’s Doheny Memorial Library (DML 240) and tackled the theme of “sustainability” from economic, social, and ecological standpoints, while also questioning the viability of our own behaviors and lifestyles.


In a time where social conflicts are increasingly acute and underline tensions between individual and collective scales, addressing socio-economic and environmental issues were pressing, we examined society’s relationship to climate crises and listened to both individual solutions and public policies proposed to the challenges we face (end of abundance, ecological disasters, housing problems, etc.).


After giving an overview of the issues, the conversation shifted to our representation of ourselvesas individuals and bodiesin order to better rethink the collective.


All these notions were explored through artistic performances, using dancing and drawing to highlight key debates.


Click here to visit the Night of Ideas 2023 website. 



Night of Ideas 2022

Where are we going ?



The 2022 Night of Ideas in Los Angeles took place on May 9, Europe Day, at the Résidence de France

While France held the presidency of the Council of the European Union, we focused the event on a dialogue between Europe and the United States.  Democratic crisis, environmental issues, and new challenges of cultural institutions were some of the major themes which were talked about. Visual and sound art performances were showcased alongside three roundtables and several speed meetings with our guests.


The same night,  Night of Ideas reached far outside of Southern California, as events were organized in Phoenix, in partnership with Alliance Française of Greater Phoenix, the International School of Arizona, and Arizona State University;  and in Tucson, Arizona, with the University of Arizona and iGLOBES. Finally,  the Alliance Française of Denver hosted an online conference. 


Click here to visit the Night of Ideas 2022 website. 

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