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Night of Ideas 2023 


Matthias Carette – Courtesy of the French Consulate in San Francisco-23


The Bay Area’s biggest celebration of creativity and critical thought was held at San Francisco’s Main Public Library! 


The 2023 edition brought together dozens of local cultural organizations, leading thinkers, and artists to contemplate the theme “More?” In a world driven by the logic of growth, what does it mean to have “more”? What do we need “more” of: More material abundance, connection, creativity? More justice? More joy? Can we share “more”— and can we sustain it? Will “more” ever be enough? 


Villa Albertine San Francisco, KQED, SFMOMA, and the San Francisco Public Library, along with artistic curating partner Circuit Network, came together for another inspiring marathon of talks, performances, food, art, and collective imagination. 


Free to the public, Night of Ideas 2023 took place from 7:00pm to 1:00am with programming on all seven floors of the Main Library. Friends of the San Francisco Public Library and Value Culture hosted a lounge and DJ dance party, and the evening also included pop-up performances and a small marketplace featuring San Francisco businesses.  


Night of Ideas 2023 | San Francisco Program 

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