It Was Never Normal

With Anna Jackson, Chaes Hatfield and Christina Massad

Time: PRE-SHOW-6PM PM (ET) - Location: Atlanta, USA

Inspired by personal experiences through the pandemic, this piece shows the journey of finding freedom again. Taking place in two completely opposite settings, the dancers experience movement in two different “worlds.” One world is a space that represents the inner thoughts, feelings, and anxieties we experience as humans. When we get stuck in our heads, we constrain ourselves from our full potential. While the dancers are in the early stages of their journey, it feels tense and calculated. When they break free from these boundaries, they enter a new world. Outside, the dancers find freedom to express themselves and collaborate. This is the place where tension is released, and each movement is a celebration of life and creativity. Life is full of uncertainties and unimaginable obstacles. We do not come out of these experiences as perfect people, but there is always a way to find strength and resilience when emerging from these challenges. After a moment in time like this, nothing is the same. For dancers, movement is the avenue for expression, and through this film we are releasing our pent-up emotions and finding our own freedom. We hope to inspire the audience to do the same.

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