Night of Ideas

Chicago, Chicago History Museum

May 12, 2022 - 6-11 pm

Where Are We Going?




The Chicago History Museum will host the third edition of Chicago Night of Ideas on May 12, 2022, on the theme “Where Are We Going?” and will co-design the program in relation to its exhibitions.


“Where Are We Going?” invites us to interrogate topics that particularly resonate with the history of the city, 150 years after the great fire that ravaged the city and led to its reconstruction with some of the most modern vision and techniques of the time . At the eve of the elaboration of a new urban plan that takes into account the issues of equity and resilience  and at the end of a global pandemic that exacerbated social inequalities and encouraged withdrawal, we are invited to rethink the modes of governance and articulation of the local and global .


A year and a half after the “Black lives matter” movement that shook the United States and particularly the Midwest, with Minneapolis as its epicenter ; and on the threshold of an unprecedented environmental crisis, The Chicago Night of Ideas stands at the heart of the challenges of tomorrow’s world.


The program is structured around 4 panels. Everywhere else, short formats such as ted talks, artistic performances and workshops will punctuate the wandering of the public in the exhibition spaces. A closing party will be organized from 10 to 11 p.m. The commitment of the museum resonates with the evening’s focus on diversity, equity, inclusion.  


Presented by: Chicago History Museum, France Chicago Center, Alliance Française Chicago and Villa Albertine.

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