00:37 AM (ET) on January 29, 2021

Masks, from Paleolithic Times to Covid-19

With Lauren Tate Baeza, the Fred and Rita Richman Curator of African Art at the High Museum, and  Professor Robert Barsky, Vanderbilt University

Time: 00:37 AM (ET) on January 29, 2021 - Location: Atlanta, USA

Lauren Tate Baeza and Robert Barsky engage in a wide-ranging conversation about the value of art as an engine for social change and a medium for a rich and textured understanding of history. The theme of maskswas explored through a fascinating discussion about the production and consumption of African masks which, as Baeza made clear, are often far from the exoticized and ‘authentic’ constituents of African performances or rituals, and closer to material commodities produced to satisfy the expectations and mistaken preconceptions of the colonizer.

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