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Outside the Lines – The Politics of Language

Julie Barlow, Michael Bergman, Kristian Gravenor

For the first time, Alliance Française de Cincinnati is participating in a worldwide cultural initiative led by the French Ministry of Culture, called “La Nuit des Idées”, Night of the Ideas. Consider it brainstorming on  the scale of the planet.

As part of the “Night of the Ideas”, a panel will discuss the concepts of acceptance – or non-acceptance – of other languages within a country’s official language. By extension, the cultural aspects linked to languages will also be explored.

The moderated discussion will touch on the potential conflicts the use of languages can generate, especially through the centuries-long interconnection between French and English.

In countries like Belgium and Canada, language lines are drawn, geographically and sometimes in the minds of people.  How can we think outside of these language lines? What are the implications?

Please join us in person at the Alliance Française office or live on Facebook to participate in the debate.

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