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Villa Albertine is a cultural institution that supports exchanges in arts and ideas between the United States, France, and beyond. With outposts in 10 US cities—Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Washington, DC—Villa Albertine presents innovative programming nationwide including 50+ customized residencies for international artists, thinkers, and cultural leaders across disciplines each year; a series of cross-cultural dialogues and events; a magazine and podcast; and grants, resources, and incubator programs for professionals in the cultural sphere. 

Villa Albertine is an institution of the Embassy of France in the United States. 

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Founded in 1944 on the initiative of the French government, IFAL – Institut français d’Amérique latine, is a center for French language teaching and certification, as well as teacher training, translation and interpretation services. Under the supervision of the French Embassy in Mexico, IFAL is responsible for cultural cooperation between France and Mexico, promoting the French language, linguistic and academic cooperation, scientific and technical research, and organizing numerous cultural cooperation activities.

McAllen Public Library is a dynamic civic resource that promotes the open exchange of ideas through free access to information and connects a culturally diverse population with the global community. It has won multiple state, national, and international awards for its events, programs, and services.

The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) located in the Rio Grande Valley inspires audiences of all ages to explore art and science through its permanent collections, exhibits, programs, and partnerships by empowering learners to discover their interests and pursue their passions.

The Office for Science and Technology (SST), a team of 24 staff members including professors, senior researchers and engineers located in the Embassy (Washington, DC) and 6 consular offices (Atlanta – Boston – Chicago – Houston – Los Angeles – San Francisco) is dedicated to bilateral FR-US collaborations in Science and Technology. This geographical and cross-thematic organization allows the SST to cover most scientific fields ranging from emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, blockchains, 6G, quantum computing), to biotechnologies including the environment, health and agriculture. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the SST also maintains close links with the Ministry of Higher Education, of Research and Innovation.

The Consulate General of France in Houston’s actions covers Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. The Consulate is responsible for protecting French citizens, either permanent residents or temporary visitors. The Consulate also develops the bilateral relationship between France and local leaders in all sectors (economic, industrial, cultural, academic, scientific, political, non-profit, etc.).  Under the leadership of the Ambassador, its mission is to represent France in its constituency, to explain France to our host country and to interpret the country where we are.

The Consulate General of France in Monterrey ensures the representation of France in the region, acts as a relay for each of the Embassy services and accompanies French institutions, operators or companies. It is particularly mobilized for the development of economic and commercial exchanges and the strengthening and enhancement of the already numerous partnerships in the fields of education, science and culture, Monterrey being a growing metropolis, open to the world and sensitive to our culture and language. In this sense, it is home to first-class universities, as well as a very dynamic Alliance Française.

Albertine Foundation (formerly known as FACE Foundation) is an American nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting French-American relations through innovative cultural and educational projects. In partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and under Villa Albertine, Albertine Foundation promotes artistic, literary and educational exchange and collaboration between creative professionals from both countries.


The Institut français is responsible for France’s international cultural program. Supervised by both the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and by the Ministry of Culture, it promotes French culture abroad through cultural exchange initiatives. Operating in a space where the arts, intellectual exchange, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic partnerships interact and intersect, it is also responsible for promoting the French language and the sharing of works, artists, and ideas all over the world. The Institut français is one of Villa Albertine’s main French partners.

National Support

The Foundation’s work has included the underwriting of public spaces. This includes being the largest supporter of Washington’s Franklin  Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the principal donor for the Emmett Till Exhibit at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, a major donor to New York’s Statue of Liberty Museum and to Washington’s  United States Holocaust Memorial  Museum and an early donor to Chicago’s Obama Presidential Center, its latest effort after decades of assistance on Chicago’s south side. 

In connection to French culture and history, it has long been helping Notre Dame restoration and has only accelerated this work since  the 2019 fire; the Louvre Endowment; and to education on Holocaust and Deportation scholarship including the 1988 Academy Award winning documentary., Hotel Terminus, the Life and Times of Klaus Barbie. 

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is the nation’s largest supporter of the arts and humanities. Since 1969, the Foundation has been guided by its core belief that the humanities and arts are essential to human understanding. The Foundation believes that the arts and humanities are where we express our complex humanity, and that everyone deserves the beauty, transcendence, and freedom that can be found there. Through our grants, we seek to build just communities enriched by meaning and empowered by critical thinking, where ideas and imagination can thrive.  

Carnegie Corporation of New York is one of America’s oldest grantmaking foundations, established in 1911 by Andrew Carnegie to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding. In keeping with this mandate, the Corporation’s work focuses on the issues that Andrew Carnegie considered of paramount importance: international peace, the advancement of education and knowledge, and the strength of our democracy. 

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